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Sketch for the next book Llamarada”, from Proyecto Embudo.

Illustration by Jorge Gonzalez.

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La Traversée du Louvre.
Graphic novel by David Prudhomme.

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David and Goliat.

Engraved by Gustave Doré.

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Emigrantes, illustrated album from Barbara Fiore Editora.

Illustrations by Shaun Tan.

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Painting by James Jean.

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Roast mutton. Sketch of the book “The Hobbit”, written by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Illustration by Alan Lee.

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Le cercle athlétique de Montmartre Paris.

Photography by Maurice-Louis Branger.

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Alfred Hitchcock.

Photography by Otto Ludwig Bettmann.

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The cardiovascular system and principal organs of a woman.

Black chalk, some red chalk, pen and ink, brush and ink, yellow wash, the outlines pricked, on paper washed buff. 33,2x47,6 cm.

Drawing bu Leonardo Da Vinci.

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The Cook.

Engraved by David Hockney, 1969.

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